Calm. Courageous. Confident.

Oscars Collection was founded in September 2017. It brings different art forms together, creating an open space where painting, drawing, photography, performance and fashion merge under one name. It all began with a ginger cat called Oscar. It probably sounds ludicrous to dedicate a whole collection of work to a cat, cats are, after all, unpredictable and unreliable. Yet, perhaps the raw honesty of cats reflects the reality of the creative process, full of questions and uncertain turns. At the same time cats embody confidence and a silent courage which are a constant source of inspiration and the underlying force of Oscars Collection creating a space where unexpected collaborations and visions merge under the watchful eye of Oscar the cat.


”Hyppää korkealle ajattelematta siitä miten pääset taas alas. Kokeile, ole rohkea niinkuin kissa. Niinkuin Oscar.”

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